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Company Profile
Greenwood mold removal is a Canada based company comprising of a team of highly skilled, well trained and experienced mold removal pros. Our staff has vast experience in getting rid of mold in both commercial as well as residential properties. Our mold removal team also has a history of performing quality mold and asbestos removal work in not only within Greenwood but also in the immediate surrounding areas hence regardless of your location expect the best service once you hire us.

Besides having been operational for several years, our company is fully licensed and insured to provide mould removal and other related services in Greenwood and its surroundings. In addition to the above, our company is a clean trust certified firm as well as IICRC certified which means hiring us serves as a guarantee for quality mold removal work which in turn rules out the possibility of you or anyone you love (family) getting exposed to mold spores. We are fully aware that molds spores spread very easily and quickly contaminate if not dealt with accordingly. We are also very competitive in terms of pricing and come second to none as far as the quality of mold workmanship is concerned. We are also transparent with our work hence very trustworthy.

It is equally worth noting that our highly qualified, professional and experienced mold experts are also able to perform air testing besides mold inspections and consequent removal. Simply put, our main goal is providing you (the client) with an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction within our industrial niche as we have been doing hence the reason we are presently above the competition in terms of quality of work and trustworthy customer support.

Why hire us
Presently, we are one of the most trusted mold removal service providers in Greenwood. Below is an overview of some of the reasons why our clients trust us so much compared to other service providers. They include the fact that:

We’re guarantee Fast response to Any mold related Disaster/emergency
We are fully aware that molds spreads quickly, it is for this reason that we guarantee you prompt response immediately after contacting us.

We’ve employed the services of Highly Trained and experienced Mould Removal Specialists.

We only employ professional, well trained and experienced staff who are capable of taking advantage of their vast experience and availability of specialized mold removal equipment to make your home mold free.

We Use Advanced Mould Removal Techniques and Equipment.

We have also invested heavily on the latest equipment as well as ongoing mold remediation training for our staff. All this in turn serves as a guarantee for quick and effective mold remediation services

In addition to the above, we also provide round the clock mold removal services. This means regardless of when you need our services you are guaranteed to get the much sort after assistance.

Greenwood mold removal Canada services

They include:

  • i. Mold inspection
  • ii. Air testing
  • iii. Mold testing
  • iv. Mold removal
  • v. Environmental testing

Greenwood mold removal canada remediation process
Our mold removal experts clearly understand the fact that mold infestations is different for each case right from the amount of mould down to the type of materials affected. Our experts are therefore fully aware that each and every scenario requires a unique solution. In spite of this our general process for mould removal is more of less the same. Below is an overview of the mould remediation process adapted by our mold specialists right after emergency contact.

  • a) Mould identification: during this phase, our specialists engage in a thorough inspection of the site and also carry out a mould damage assessment. During this time, recommendation of the most suitable removal strategy is discussed.
  • b) Mould containment and air filtration
  • c) Removal of moulds and any other infested materials. This is done in accordance with the industry’s highest standards.
  • d) Thorough cleaning of the contents and belongings

Our Valuable Mold Remediation Advice to Home / property owners

Our technicians do stop after mold removal is complete. They will also work closely with you (the client) to make sure you and your family or closest associated with access to your property remain safe from the health effects of mold infestation. This they will do y educating you throughout on how to inspect for molds amongst other things.

Mold Removal – Benefits of Using Our Services

i. Our mold removal technicians will inspect and get rid of any mold from the most typical locations around your property such as the basement, shower stalls etc. in addition to this, they will also inspect your ceiling tiles, roofing, wall paper, furniture, carpeting, piping etc

ii. Our experts exercise a lot of caution and follow procedures which will not expose you to mold spores known to cause serious health complications including Wheezing, runny nose, tearing, skin irritation, coughing etc

Taking into consideration all of the above, it is clearly evident that our main objective is to ensure that your property is absolutely free of molds by the time our experts are done with their mold inspection, testing and removal procedures. That said, immediately you notice molds around your home, make sure that you contact our customer support team and arrange to have our team of experts sort out the situation for your in the most professional way.