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Floods hurricanes broken pipes even water from putting out a fire these are just a few of the things that can cause water damage to your home or business either where water restoration specialists you know dealing with water damage can be stressful dramatic and very expensive probably worrying right now about just how long it’s going to take to get your life back in order and exactly what we’re gonna have to do to accomplish that while this is hopefully a once in a lifetime event for you we deal with situations like this every day our entire business is built around restoring your property to pre loss condition and getting your life back on track as fast as possible.

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We work with insurance companies all the time and are very familiar with what we need to do to make the process goes smoothly for all involved parties in this I’ll explain how we’re going to restore your property using the thermal energy system Cortes and the record heat right the key to successful restoration is speed drying up buildings fast reduces the chance for what we call secondary damage secondary damage includes things such as mold growth damage to structural materials like framing drywall or flooring and damage caused by high humidity two books papers artwork and saw that’s why we use the most advanced drying equipment and techniques it’s based on cutting-edge trying science and works to three times faster the conventional drying systems deep before.

I explain why the test system work so well it’s important to understand the old way of doing things conventional restoration is based on the principle simply dry in the air inside a building this is done with dehumidifiers that slowly remove water from the air condense it into liquid for and then pop it into buckets or drains the idea is that as the air gets drier and drier the moisture in wet carpet and pads walls or floors will be drawn out at the materials as a paper the papers are then removed by the dehumidifiers industrial fans are also used to speed evaporation from the what materials this method are drying buildings was developed decades ago and it does work but it has several drawbacks first its slow it can easily take five to seven days to dry water damaged home or business correctly more complex cases can take even longer second.

If the structure in Montreal is not completely dry fast enough some materials may have to be replaced that could otherwise be saved this increases the cost and the time to complete the job third it takes a lot of equipment that’s very loud and hard to live with and if it gets turned off for example at night the process of drying the year has to start all over again for the amount of disruption to household or business is really stressful makes the entire restoration experience mormon nightmare that has to be well there are certain situations were using conventional drying system still makes sense we utilized test equipment and directed he tried director he trying is to three times faster than conventional dehumidifier based restoration here’s why instead of drying the year we deliver he right to the water in what materials heating up the water actually speeds up the water molecules making it really want to evaporate.

This method we don’t have to spend any time dry in the air because the heated up water wants to jump on it what materials and into the air once that happens we simply exhausted to the outside with the temperature controlled fan now there’s a lot of fancy signs that explains this but it might be easiest understand using some common household examples have you ever stepped out of a hot shower into a bathroom filled with the mir more interesting best on the mirror counter and other services but if you point your hair dryer at the mirror per minute it clears right up you can even drive your hair in December you also use these exact same principles drying science.

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When you dry your clothes and the clothes dryer both of these are examples of the same drying signs that we use with our test equipment here’s how we do it in your home or business first we use sophisticated instruments to determine the extent of the water damage with an extract all the water weekend in liquid form the next step and the key to our system is to direct heated air to the water in the wet materials for maximum effectiveness we want to contain the only to those areas that are wet after all like you to parts of the building that are already dry then we focus the heat where we wanted to go with a number of techniques such as directing warm air in between carpet and pad this allows warm air to not only dry the carpet and pad but also the subfloor flood damage drywall and sill plates when damage has occurred certain building elements to contain the area plastic or the materials this insures the warm air goes to the wet materials nowhere else we also use other specialized equipment in conjunction with and directed he’d right principles specialized equipment is occasionally needed to write difficult materials such as wood floors insulated walls plaster stone.

Tile cabinets concrete and saw by using heat the and yet air in the affected areas of your home or business will get warmer than usual however because we contain entry only the affected areas the rest if your home will be at a normal temperature even then our system doesn’t need to superheat the areas being treated we maintain the temperature within a safe zone between in ninety nine degrees there’s no need to worry about damaging appliances electronics or even house plans in the affected Montreal, Quebec areas we do recommend removing cosmetics candles perishable foods or anything else that might melt or spoil on a hot summer day.

While there are other heat drying systems on the market they overheat your whole house making it nearly impossible to live there during treatment the extra heat also may cause major damage to appliances electronics and more only test uses the directed he tryin concept that contains the heat only where we needed to the wet materials directed he trying also has an important health benefits because the system dry so fast it eliminates conditions that allow mold and mildew to grow from the instantly begin drying in addition the operating temperatures are drying system inhibit the growth for the vast majority of mold and fun guy and we don’t leave the job until everything is dry our technicians check to make sure that your home or business is dry to the proper industry standards.

Most of the time we can dry water damage while you still occupy your home or business the damage is so severe that you cannot occupy the premises are faster drying will get you back in much faster than other types of drying systems what many property owners love about record heat drying is how quiet it is with conventional rendering began sound like an airplane sign film was evolving with we use far fewer fans and the key component of our system is totally silent you’ll be able to live work or sleep comfortably well restoration is progressing what are the biggest benefits drying faster with directed he trying is that will save far more the structure and contents than any other method will safely say carpet and pad drywall wood flooring cabinets tile and grout floors stone and concrete things that can always be saved with conventional restoration.

If these materials have to be replaced they can increase the cost to restoration by thousands of dollars it could also extend the time to complete the job by days weeks or even months with directed he trying and Tess you won’t have to worry about exceeding policy limits or having strangers from a variety of contractors in your home for weeks on end spreading construction dust and dirt all over everything of course if there is damage that simply cannot be restored these items will have to be repaired or replaced however with are trying system there will be less reconstruction any other drying system and directed he trying is a very green way to restore your property because we’re on site for less time we consume less electricity and use less gas.

Going back and forth and because we say the majority materials we say space in the landfill and are able to reduce the amount of chemical disinfectants apply your insurance company will also really appreciate that we use to record heat right because we restore so much more than conventional restores there’s far less replacement this means that they can save thousands of dollars per claim and get their files closed much much faster plus they’re really concerned about delivering great service to their policyholders when they have a claim that’s because they want them to renew their policies and also tell other people how great they were in handling the claim were so enthusiastic about our test equipment and directly trying because it’s a better and faster way to dry if we could use any system the dryer own homes this is the one we views we were pleasantly surprised that test was able to do everything else so quickly.

We’re able to save a lot of money from having to replace everything down here and we were able to quickly resume are you so far for newbies because at the t’es istam they came and they clean everything up and we’re back in business in a couple days we didn’t leave anything we didn’t lose our carpet realize our flooring we didn’t lose any more stored items and we’re really happy from a standpoint of costly we def by six thousand dollars it dried out all the drywall the the floors and they actually came in over the weekend and didn’t affect our business at all the TS system saved save me L a lot of money lot of time and I definitely recommend it to anybody we’ve had a lot of leads in the past and with the old way it was a real hassle the TSS to make all the different with this new thermal energy system you can rest assured you’re in good hands we’re going to get right to work to get your life back to normal fast.

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